Babies 'R' Us

The Babies R Us app provides a one-stop shop for baby products to new and expecting parents. When Babies R Us approached us, their app was clunky and indistinguishable from their web experience. Our approach was to shift focus away from e-commerce and create a registry-centric app that focused on educating and helping parents find the right products, all without losing the sense of delight and tone unique to Babies R Us. During what can be an overwhelming and stressful time for expecting parents, the Babies R Us registry app tries to make life a little easier.

AGENCY   Huge         ROLE   Visual Design, Illustration        YEAR   2015      RECOGNITION   Webby Awards


High-level product categories are named and tailored to aspects of a baby’s lifestyle and are found throughout the registry building experience. Everything from feeding, to bed time and play time are distilled into more digestible categories. We created custom illustrations for each of these categories to bring a sense of playfulness and brand content into the experience.



Product detail pages are accessed through category pages. From here a user can watch videos, read reviews and find the information they need to see if this is the right product for them. If so, they can easily add the product to their registry at any time. 


The registry itself acts as a dashboard that allows the user to filter their list based on what has been purchased and what is remaining, and manage the items on their list by simply swiping right. From here as well as the main navigation, the user can toggle to the checklist that shows suggested items for baby. Anything the user has not yet added to their registry will show as unchecked on the checklist.


"Fun and easy to use! I would highly recommend this app to all expectant parents"

"It's clean and modern looking and the checklist feature makes us excited (and confident) about setting up out registry!"

"It looks beautiful and works flawlessly”

CREATIVE DIRECTION   August Heffner, Christina Nguyen White
DESIGN LEAD   Travis Weber
UX   Leandro Brasil, Tara Hosseinipour

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