Diptyque is a French company that produces a high-end line of scented candles, perfumes, face and body care. Diptyque approached us looking for a revisioning of how the brand translated to a digital experience. Our response was to reposition the brand as a scent company rather than a candle company, to inject the experience of their physical stores into the visual design and experience, and to focus on the rich storytelling and inspiration that goes into their scents.  

AGENCY   Rokkan         ROLE   Concept, Art Direction, Visual Design, UX        YEAR   2015



We took inspiration from Diptyque’s custom, eclectic and foliage-filled physical storefronts and injected that approach to our homepage. Floating objects, ferns and florals are paired with products from iconic scent lines. The homepage focuses on scent families instead of being too product specific, and showcases some of the brand’s unique visual style and history.



Product category pages are separated by scent family of scent to place more focus on the scents themselves. Each page is saturated with visuals representative of the family.



To translate the physical act of product testing to a to a digital experience, product pages open as an overlay and allow navigation between related products. Each scent has a unique story, as well as makeup of fragrances which we visualized through diagrams. Imagery and media are used to communicate the location and story behind the scent. 


CREATIVE DIRECTION   Brian Barenio, Bryan Le
UX   Vincent Au
DESIGN   Ellis SantAndrea, Josh Fiebig

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